Live Music Killarney

Live Music In Killarney


We often get asked the question, ‘where do we go to see live music?’

With so many live venues in Killarney showcasing the best of local musical talent the real answer is EVERYWHERE! 

Rather than just following your ear, we’ve compiled a handy list of great music venues for you to seek out and enjoy on your next visit to Killarney. 

  • The Dunloe Lodge
  • Murphy’s Bar
  • The Failte
  • Buckley’s Bar at The Arbutus
  • O’Donoghue’s
  • Tatler Jack
  • Courtney’s
  • The Sportsman
  • Killarney Grand
  • O’Connor’s
  • Corkery’s
  • Scott’s
  • Charlie Foley’s
  • JM Reidy’s
  • The Danny Mann
  • Tigh Mary Donal’s

Many musicians play in multiple venues on different days around town so it’s impossible to create an accurate timetable of events.

However, here is a list of some of the amazing local talent to look out for when you’re planning you’re day and/or night out. 

  • Ray Kennedy
  • Donal Shine
  • The Killarney’s
  • Amy & Eggy
  • Bog Ashe
  • John Patrick Healy
  • Sam & Ina
  • Rachel O’Shaughnessy
  • Next Generation
  • Joe Lynch
  • J90


We hope you have fun enjoying the music of Killarney.

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