Best Pint In Killarney

Where Is The Best Pint In Killarney?


Every Guinness drinker worth their salt will do the research and ask that question when they hit town.

As trade insiders we have a wealth of experience in what it takes serve a perfect pint but the proof is in pudding so…

We gathered a handful of Killarney’s most discerning Guinness pint drinkers and put their taste buds to the test.

We sent our experts to Killarney’s drink led pubs. Pubs that specialise in drinks and don’t serve food. Here’s what they said.

Dan Linehan’s Bar, College Street


Expert 1: Hands down the best pint in Killarney

Expert 2: Jesus, can we just stay here and drink a few more?

Expert 3: Perfection. You can’t get better than this.

Jimmy Brien’s, College Street


Expert 1: ‘Tis like mothers milk

Expert 2: Jesus, can we just stay here and drink a few more?

Expert 3: A beautiful pint. Sticks to the glass all the way down. Unreal.

The Dunloe Lodge, College Street


Expert 1: Creamy looking pint with a great head. Thumbs up.

Expert 2: The pint is good, I’d give it a 10 for the mad craic in here.

Expert 3: It’s up there with the best of them.

The Speakeasy, High Street


Expert 1: Now this is good. This is very good. 

Expert 2: Can we have another one so I can double check?

Expert 3: Fantastic, ha, ha.

Hussey’s Bar, High Street


Expert 1: Great pint in a lovely hidden gem of a pub.

Expert 2: I can’t fault it. A proper handsome pint!

Expert 3: Beautiful pint. And a short run from keg to glass. 

Courtney’s Bar, Plunkett Street


Expert 1: Lovely cosy pub with a decent pull on the Guinness.

Expert 2: It’s a good pint, good head. I’d come back again for it.

Expert 3: One of my favourite pubs in town. The Guinness is good but the competition is tough.

The Sportsman, High Street


Expert 1: Great stout and boozer with a good flow on all the draught. 

Expert 2: Tasty pint, I’d stay for a few.

Expert 3: Not bad at all! We’re spoilt for good drink in Killarney.

The Laune, New Street


Expert 1: The perfect pub for a decent quiet pint.

Expert 2: A good pint of stout. Off the radar a bit and worth a visit.

Expert 3: Cheers lads. Another belter of a pint. This is a great job.


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